First time non-drug pain relief in more than 4 years

In October of 2004 a bulging disk at L4-L5 manifested in nearly paralyzing sciatic pain down my right leg. Since that time, I have been seen by two chiropractors, two internists, and three back surgeon specialists. My visit with Dr. Tanya Averill on December 5th, five days ago, was the first time that anyone had actually sat down with me and really discussed the physical problem and what might be done about it. On that day after your treatment and adjustment on me, I left your office and very unexpectedly discovered I was actually completely pain free in my lower back and leg. This lasted for about 12 glorious hours. This was the first time I have had non-drug pain relief in more than 4 years. The feeling was unbelievable and made me cry with joy. Over the long term, I am not expecting miracles, but certainly I will be returning to you to see how far, together, we can improve my condition.

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